for Monday, September 1


Update on colors.. Make the icons on footer white.. And when you click on them make them turn black.

Also, turn the outgoing text box from blue to white with our red/orange color as the outline trim of the box. Use black text.

Can we get KONTAC logo with black background and white background... this is for our website.

Can the font size in the text messages in the app be made larger?

After I allow the app to access my contacts, how do I edit them?

How do I add &/or remove the contacts from my list?


In the 'Tell a Friend' automated email and sms text message, change 'smartphone' to 'iPhone' & add the word 'free':

Check out 'KONTAC' Messenger for your iPhone.  Download it free today from.... apple website address goes here

Use this same text for both for email and sms text message.

For the email subject line use:


Test push notification for texts & calls.  WORKING NOW

Does this app support 'Dynamic Type' (Apps that support 'Dynamic Type' will adjust font size....)

For the 'about KONTAC' tab on app:
Do you need email address from us for 'Contact Us' ? 
Do you have sample content/text for 'Help/FAQ's' ?


This is when you make a call....  Replace 'payment required' pop up with:

This contact has not yet downloaded the KONTAC iPhone app.

(Also, make this pop-up last a few more seconds.)